June 11, 2008 at 9:11 pm (CAUSE, Music, Shows)



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CAUSE Live @ The Mercury Lounge Friday, Feb. 15th!!

February 10, 2008 at 4:38 am (CAUSE, Shows)

Come out and support ya’ boy as I’ll be opening for the Blue Scholars. Join us for another epic night of Hip-Hop!!!

Mercury Lounge Friday, Feb. 15th!!

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Vote Ron Paul 2008!! (More videos soon)

January 28, 2008 at 2:19 pm (Politics) (, , , , , )

Vote for Ron Paul if you want to have any chance at saving this nations economic downfall!!! Please Please Please I ask that everyone just take a look at this candidate and decide for yourselves. DO NOT get caught up in the hype about Hilary Vs. Obama because it’s NONSENSE!!! The fact of the matter is it’s just great entertainment!! What do you really know about Hilary OR Obama?!?!?! Ask yourself, are these just 2 people fighting to be a part of election history or are they actually developing plans and efforts to regain our economical and political composure?! RON PAUL IS A MOVEMENT YA’LL!!!! As CAUSE I gotta stand up for whats right and at least make the attempt to give you all the 4-1-1 as I receive it myself. COME ON, this is a Republican preaching about LOWERING TAXES!!! He has to be special haha! This is the realest candidate in the ENTiRE Election!!!

*All I ask is that you take a look at Ron Paul DEMOLiSH Rudy Gulliani as well as ALLLLLL the other republican candidates during this debate in South Carolina & you’ll start to see he’s no average candidate. You can’t beat the facts. We need more facts and less emotional fisads. I will link you to two videos I found interesting and I know after you guys see them you’ll want to do more research 😉 Thank you all for your time & remember, every vote counts especially when you’re voting for an underdog 😉 RON PAUL IS ALLLLLL FACT!!!! I’m about to sell T-Shirts for this dude LOL

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Nah Right

November 20, 2007 at 3:30 pm (Uncategorized)

Video: Three Rapper Cypher 


“Three dope NYC underground MC’s catch wreck in a street cypher. Hired Gun, Donny Goines and Cause representing Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx respectively.

All three underground rappers plus NYOIL and a surprise guest will be performing at Stand Up! An evening of pure hip-hop served raw, hosted by the Internets Celebrities.”

More info here.

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Video:Stand Up!

November 20, 2007 at 3:00 pm (CAUSE, Press clips, Videos) (, , , , , , , )

VIDEO: Stand Up! Three MC’s Cypher

Three dope NYC underground MC’s in a street cypher: Hired Gun, Donny Goines and Cause representing Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx respectively. All three underground rappers plus NYOIL and a surprise guest will be performing at Stand Up! An evening of pure hip-hop, hosted by the Internets Celebrities. It’ll take place December 6th, 9pm at Pianos on Ludlow St. in NYC. Buy your tickets here. Stand Up! is a Liberated Matter event curated by OhWord.com & SitDownStandUp.com.

Thanks to SitDownStandUp.com for this post!

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CAUSE supporting GC and SOUL MAFIA

November 5, 2007 at 8:11 pm (Shows) (, , , , , , )


soulfyne entertainment presents:

:: LIVE ::

CAUSE supporting GC and SOUL MAFIA

Where: The Cutting Room
(19 West 24th Street – NY NY / 212-691-1900)
When: Friday, November 30th 2007
Time: 11pm
Tickets: www.smarttix.com / 212-868-4444

Also performing is New York’s hottest up and coming hip-hop artist – CAUSE (www.NYCAUSE.com)

Be sure to check out the following sites and pre-order your tickets now before you are left outside with your head down!

So fella’s put the blazers away, ladies put the dresses back in the closet and bring out your hoodies!!!

MUSIC provided by DJ TRIFE

Sponsored by Chamindika
Powered by Fusicology

See you there!



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NEWS: SitDownStandUp + OhWord Curate Stand Up!

October 26, 2007 at 5:57 pm (Shows) (, , , , , , )

Thanks to Wes @ SitDownStandUp for this posting and exciting night for hip hop. Peep the site for downloads.
Friday, October 26, 2007
NEWS: SitDownStandUp + OhWord Curate Stand Up!

Oh we’ve got an announcement for you my friends. SitDownStandUp has banded together with OhWord to curate a great night of Hip Hop on December 6th called Stand Up!. It will be hosted by the Rafi and Dallas Penn together known as Internets Celebrities. It’s all presented by Liberated Matter and features four of our favorite underground artists that we think deserve some extra attention. Each artist will perform a solo set followed in the end by a big posse cut with all four artists PLUS our special secret guest. The special guest will then close out the night with a set. Get your tickets here now! All info below. Expect featured posts leading up the event and some more extra stuff.

Liberated Matter Presents Stand Up!
Curated by OhWord.com & SitDownStandUp.com
Hosted by Internets Celebrities
featuring Hired Gun, Donny Goines, NY Oil, Cause & one special surprise performer
Where: Pianos, 158 Ludlow St. NYC (directions)
When: Thursday December 6th, 9-11PM
Buy tix here
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posted by Undisputed Wes | 10:10

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CAUSE interview on HipHopRemix.com!

October 15, 2007 at 6:42 pm (CAUSE, Press clips) (, , , , , , )


The CAUSE of Hip Hop      
Written by Driver   
Monday, 15 October 2007
CAUSE of NYReppin’ NY showing how hip hop is and how his name is more than a tagline and how he speaks on more than music!We recently broke the news on CAUSE and his remix’s of 50/Ye’s singles “Stronger” and “Ayo Technology“. We were so impressed we had to get some more info on the emcee – so you all heard it first on hiphopremix.com. Respect game and respect the CAUSE!

CAUSE is a pretty unique name – how did it come about?

Actually, a friend of mine that gave me the name. It was back in high school there used to be these freestyle ciphers and every time I would share a freestyle or a poem it would be about something. Compared to all my friends who would talk about guns and all this other nonsense I would always come with these issues that would come in my life. So, a friend of mine was like, “yo, you always rapping about a cause, I feel your name should be CAUSE.”  Ever since then I just adopted it.

Growing up – whose behind your inspiration to become an emcee?

Actually, Tupac. Tupac Shakur. Just because he took his issues from life to the microphone and back into life. He was a full artist. He was impressionable to the people and that is something I admired – from any artist. Those not only are they artist but how are they off the microphone and how they treat people and how do they treat the movement.

Favorite song from Pac?

*laughs* There  are so many.  At this point its “Changes”. “Changes” is probably number one. “Dear Momma” is number two. I just feel those are his most honest songs.

Pac inspired you but when did you decide to actually rock the mic internally?

Wow. I think the first time was when I went to the studio and messed up. *laughs*.  Honestly from that point I realized how hard it was. I realized how much of a challenge it would be. Its one thing to be in a cipher and to clown around then to actually go to a studio and create something you’re proud of. It’s a lot of hard work. I felt it was going to be easy because I did freestyle ciphers so easily. It became naturally for me. So, the first time I actually went to the studio with a friend and messed up. I was like I gotta make this full time thing and I gotta work hard it and its actually going to be a challenge. That’s what made me have to push full force. Ever since then I’ve been trying to repeat that. Every time I step in the studio I try to repeat that.

On the track “More than Music” – you speak on how rap / hip hop is more than music. Yet, how did you come about that at such a young age?

A lot of it was how I grew up. Hip Hop is suppose to be about your experience. You can’t blame someone who has money and they talk about money in their music because that’s what they know. Or somebody who dances a lot like Soulja Boy you can’t blame them because that’s their culture. My culture was my mom came from Columbia and went to Columbia, the University, and my father went to Columbia University. I come from an educated household. So, that’s how I grew up. I grew up observing the different struggles not only  in America but back where I’m from which is Ethiopia. So it was just something that’s always been with me. My life has always been it’s a lot more than music. The world is a lot more than where we are.

 Speaking on the Soulja Boys – what’s your view on the “mainstream” rap?People expect me to hate on it. But I like where its at for the simple fact at this point I feel artist are doing what they want. I feel like everyone is starting their own movement. Even if people are feeling like its in a bad place I feel like from the downs in life you really have a bigger appreciation when life is up. It also gives you more motivation; more drive more inspiration to bring it back up to the level you’re happy with. So, I feel it’s beautiful because its coming full cycle about to get into the real hip hop because people miss it.

Who are feeling on the underground circuit that is getting ready to “blow up”?

Actually, I don’t look at artist as “underground” or “commercial” – I just look at artists who are more popular than others within their community. I respect Immortal Technique whom remains underground and has pretty good following. I just got put onto Blue Scholars and respect their movement. I’m very selective. Wordsworth. I respect few artists and I listen to a few artists. Being an artist myself I like zone out and I listen to different genres of music as well.

So who all do you listen to on the side then?

Oh, Otis Redding. I listen to Stevie Wonder. I listen to old Ray Charles. I love Amy Winehouse. I like soul music. I like Daptones. Even some Dave Matthews – Dave Matthews is on point.

The EP is definitely a banger but what else are you currently working on?

At the time I’m actually working on a mixtape and an album. I never wanted to do a mixtape but I feel like people wanted it from me so I decided to do it. It more like a remix tape, like redoing the hooks and stuff like that.

When should we expect the LP to drop?

Well, actually the mixtape will drop this fall I’m looking around November. The LP will  be around in the spring.

How close are you to finishing the LP?

Oh, still recording it.

If you could collab with any artist – right now – who would it be?

I would have to say Joell Ortiz. I would love to work with Joell Ortiz. His technique and how he rhymes and his flow and his delivery are so on point to my style I like it. I would love to work with him

What about producer?

I would have to say Midi Mafia. Midi Mafia makes some good tracks. Sabzi from Blue Scholars.

When it’s all said and done what do you want to have accomplished in this industry?

I would like to gain the respect of the people. I would like create a good catalogue that people can always go back to and always relate to. Music that is timeless. That’s really what I would like to accomplish. To be a good leader and a good role model at the same time. That’s my goal in this industry.

What can new people coming to your music expect?

A different sound. They can expect an artist that is not afraid to speak about issues that are still going on. I noticed that there are limitations on what people can say when they get to a certain part in this game. I never want to get to that point where I’m restricted. So I think for the person listening to me for the first time is someone going against the grain. Controversy lyrics.

You can peep more info on CAUSE at his myspace at: http://www.myspace.com/causenewyorksfinest

Thanks for the support from Nathan and the rest of the HipHopRemix family!

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CAUSE’S Video Blog: Day 1

October 12, 2007 at 6:53 am (CAUSE)

I was bored at 3am & decided to start an official video blog. By the second take I lost my mind lol

Here Is The First Attempt:

Second Attempt LMAO!

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CAUSE on Russian blog

September 19, 2007 at 6:40 pm (Press clips)

Can anyone translate for us? Thanks for the love in Russia!!!



Vstrechajte, new rising Hip-Hop Star. Yonas Mellesse. V 1998-99 mi xodili v odnu shkolu, chasto igrali v baseball, basketball, a takze progulivali klassi katayas’ na bikes po gorodu, ex, klassno bilo 🙂 Yonas, uspexov tebe!
Zahodite na ego stranichku myspace, tam najdete ego music, + freestyle video:
P.S. Osoboye vnimaniye obratite na pesnyu “On The Run”. Gorgeous!


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